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Sherwood Park

We will give your child a reason to smile!

Caring and Compassionate dental Care for Your Special Needs Child in the heart of Sherwood Park

Accessing pediatric dentistry services for neurodivergent children can be a struggle for parents, so finding a kid’s dentist who can provide robust support in a soothing manner is absolutely crucial. At Gateway Pediatric Dentistry, we provide outstanding dentistry for autistic kids in Sherwood Park, offering caring and compassionate support to ensure a healthy smile for life. Our pediatric dental services cater to children with any needs, promoting long-lasting oral health and hygiene that will make a difference in their lives.

Children’s Dental office Offering A variety of dental services

As a full service pediatric dentist, the team members at Gateway Pediatric Dentistry provide a range of kid’s dentistry services in Sherwood Park to produce a beautifuly healthy smile. At our dental clinic, we offer treatments such as check ups and cleanings, restorative services and more to support a smile your child will love and can be proud of. As your kid’s emergency dentist, we also provide support for those unexpected dental needs, such as injuries to the teeth, mouth, or gums in order to prevent long term damage to your child’s smile and oral health. No matter what happens, the team at Gateway Pediatric Dentistry has you covered!

Schedule an Appointment for your kids at our Sherwood Park clinic Today!

Support the health and appearance of your child’s smile at Gateway Pediatric Dentistry - Sherwood Park :) To find out more about our services, contact us by calling our team today at 780-705-5437 - We can't wait to hear from you!

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