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About us

We will give your child a reason to smile!



Gateway Pediatric Dentistry has been caring for families since 2009.   Drs. Graham, Lam, Nijjar, Palmer and Ray are all pediatric dentists who have completed an additional two to three year accredited specialty training in pediatric dentistry after completing a general dentistry degree.


We have limited our practice and designed our office and the care we provide specifically for pediatrics. All of our staff have been trained and are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and caring environment.  We strive to give you and your family a dental home for individualized preventive care and restorative treatment. 


We believe that every child is unique and should have a plan for their own individual needs, situation and personality.  Our entire staff at Gateway Pediatric Dentistry is focused on building the foundation for a lifetime of great dental health and anxiety free experiences for your child.   Our practice does not require a referral for an appointment. Please call us today if you would like to schedule an appointment.


We look forward to meeting you! 

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